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marina donahue - director/writer/producer

Marina Donahue

After years of working in creative industries, including National Geographic Television and a prominent New York advertising firm, Marina Donahue launched Corner Bar Pictures in 2014. Her first project was co-writing and co-directing the feature film ALL IN TIME, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime.  A winner of 12 festival awards - including 3 Best Features, 3 Audience Awards, 2 Best Directors, a Best of Fest, an Indie Spirit Award, and a Grand Jury Prize - the romantic comedy drama was featured at over 60 film festivals worldwide.

Marina also wrote and produced the 12-time award-winning animated short documentary THE VELVET UNDERGROUND PLAYED AT MY HIGH SCHOOL, an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival and over 100 festivals worldwide. The film was chosen by PBS to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock as part of the Peabody-award-winning series, American Experience, and was also licensed for broadcast and streaming by PBS for their American Documentary POV Shorts series.  She also produced the award-winning NATIVE, starring Patrick Bergin, seen at over 25 festivals, and co-directed and produced the popular 5-part YouTube web series, DRAMA. 

In 2018, Marina was second unit director on the Irish 1980’s romcom DANNYBOY directed by Ferdia MacAnna, and she is currently writing and developing a 5-part limited TV series, FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHILD, an historical drama set in 1960’s Ireland. In October, 2017, the script was selected by the Richard Harris International Film Festival in Limerick to be performed by notable talent as a theatrical Live Script Read event. 


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Corner Bar Pictures is an independent production company focused on all project types from animation to feature-length films. CBP was founded in Summit, NJ in 2013 by Marina Donahue to formalize her creative involvement in several films (most notably the feature length film ALL IN TIME). Corner Bar Pictures is a cutting edge production company focused not on just telling stories – but telling stories the right way.

Our team is committed to every project we take on – whether it be a daring, genre-bending short or a daunting,  multi-million dollar film shoot, Corner Bar is a team  devoted to digging deep, doing the hard work and building projects that stand the test of time to tell real stories of drama and the human condition.

In only a few short years, Corner Bar has made a name for itself with multiple award-winning projects. We premiered a best Animated Short nominee at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, where “The Velvet Underground Played At My High School” pushed boundaries with its arthouse style and unique historical perspective. That same year, Irish director Linda Bhreathnach and Marina Donahue braved the wilds of Ireland to tell a story of age defying beauty in “Native” starring Patrick Bergin – another Corner Bar pictures project that won multiple awards around the world.

But to single out just a director or producer isn’t what Corner Bar Pictures is all about. We are a team. A family of researchers, writers, directors, historians and producers. All working towards a common goal – to make whatever project we take on the absolute BEST of its kind.

That’s what has led us to our most recent project - “For the Good of the Child.”  It has been an intensely heartbreaking, personal journey completing this script – but a journey we did not make alone.  For the past two years, our team has lived in Ireland for months at a time researching and writing. From meeting with historians and industrial school survivors, to listening to stories told by old wives in Traveller wagons, to fighting back tears over children’s graves at Industrial School sites – we’ve visited every location in this film while hunting for the true names and faces of this tragic chapter of Irish history.

It may seem like a lot for just a movie.  But here at Corner Bar Pictures, we believe it’s only just “a movie” if you treat it that way.  Together, we know that we can make something so much more.

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