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Press Headlines


March, 2020


Sunday World Magazine Interview

Interview in Sunday World Magazine about projects - present and future - with Marina Donahue and Linda Bhreathnach. Interview by Jim Gallagher. Photo credit by Sean McCormack.

For The Good Of

The Child


A Dramatic, 5-part Limited Series Inspired by True Events

​Ireland 1968. One of the darkest chapters of Irish history is the back drop to a sweeping love story between a young American woman and an Irish Traveller man.  When a Traveller boy is taken by the State and imprisoned in a notorious industrial school, the two embark on a life or death struggle to rescue the child.

Writer: Marina Donahue

Producers: Zeb Moore, Emerald Giant Productions (Ireland) and Corner Bar Pictures (USA)



March 03, 2020

The Retention of Records Bill denies survivors’ rights to access their own personal information, and if passed, it will seal for at least the next 75 years all records relating to the State’s investigation of abuse in industrial and reformatory schools. If you agree that this Bill should be stopped, please use the link below to email TDs and Senators.

Redress: Has the State delivered for abuse survivors?

March 03, 2020

Excellent new documentary covering the 1999-2009 investigation into industrial school child abuse and the compensation scheme for survivors. Horrific to hear what the survivors endured at the schools, what they endured giving their testimony, how they were silenced afterwards if they received compensation, how the Church got away without a single conviction and offering very little money, and how now the government wants to seal for 75 years all the records of the 15,367 victims who bravely gave testimony of their abuse inside Ireland’s industrial schools.

RADIO ARCHIVE - Limerick's Live 95 FM Radio Interview about the film, RHIFF, and a short live script read.

January 10, 2018

Gillian speaks to Rob Gill, Chairman of the Festival, Actors Rachel Donahue and Nigel Mercier and Producer/Director Marina Donahue. 


Featuring a quick performance by Rachel Donahue and Nigel Mercier reading a scene!


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Live Script Read




We are honored to announce that 'For the Good of the Child' will be presented as a Live Script Read event at the RHIFF Richard Harris International Film Festival on October 29th in Limerick. It will be a really cool event with incredible award-wining actors, live musicians, and sound, lighting and visual effects. (See photo) Please join us if you can!

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